School of Rhetoric

  • Overview
  • Four Year Plan
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Senior Thesis
  • Life-Shaping Experiences


Calvary Christian Academy High School completes the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Students in our School of Rhetoric learn to speak eloquently and persuasively, putting into practice the tools of knowledge and understanding they acquired in the earlier stages. Through guided research and discovery, students learn to synthesize ideas, write and give persuasive presentations, and grow in leadership skills. Speech, discussions, and a biblical worldview are incorporated into every subject.  Students continue to learn about the world through local, national, and global fieldtrips.

Our students are taught the Truth as their foundation, know how to recognized it in the midst of a relative culture, and defend and express the Truth to influence our culture for God’s glory just like a modern-day Daniel or Esther.

Four Year Plan

  • English 9: Modern American Literature 
  • U.S. History
  • Physics
  • Geometry 
  • Bible I
  • Foreign Language: Spanish 1 or Latin I
  • P.E. & Fitness
  • Student Ministry Internship
  • English 10: Ancient & Classical Literature 
  • Ancient World History
  • Biology
  • Algebra II 
  • Rhetoric I
  • Foreign Language: Spanish 2 or Latin II
  • P.E. & Health
  • English 11: Medieval Literature
  • History of the Middle Ages
  • Chemistry
  • Pre-Calculus or Consumer Math
  • Bible II
  • Foreign Language: Spanish 3 or Latin III
  • Visual & Performing Arts Elective
  • English 12: European Literature 
  • U.S. Government & Economics
  • Anatomy & Physiology or Elective 
  • Calculus, AP Statistics, or Elective
  • Rhetoric 2: Senior Thesis 
  • Foreign Language: Latin IV or Elective
  • Elective
  • Student Ministry Internship
  • Life Skills (basic sewing, carpentry, finances, cooking)
  • Journalism
  • Chapel Band
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Mime

Courses Offered in 2019-2020 for Full- and Part-Time Students:

Graduation Requirements

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis represents the culmination of a Calvary Christian Academy student’s education—a good person speaking well. This thesis is a twenty minute presentation, following by a challenging twenty minutes of question and answer on a controversial and scholarly topic. The senior thesis, delivered and defended after final exams in the spring, is a required component of CCA graduation. Each thesis should reflect critical thinking skills, in-depth research, excellence in presentation style, and an ability to communicate effectively both from a manuscript and in a give-and-take exchange.

Life-Shaping Experiences

  • Like minded families, all working together to develop children who live their life fully for the kingdom of God
  • Trips that bring their curriculum alive (Washington D.C., Creation Museum, British Museum, Israel)
  • Events and activities building community and Christian fellowship for students 
  • Community of Christian friends in a small, rigorous, and challenging learning environment 
  • Community based projects: Food Bank, RealOptions, and Youth Outreaches 
  • Yearly missions trips (Guatemala and, ultimately, Africa)
  • Ministry Internship: learning how to be servants 
  • Winter and summer Camps