Enrichment Program

  • Overview
  • Latin (1st-8th)
  • Music (K-8th)
  • Art (K-5th)
  • Drama (6th-8th)
  • Library (K-5th)


At Calvary Christian Academy, our enrichment program includes a wide range opportunities, including Latin, Spanish, music, art, and drama.

Latin (1st-8th)

The most frequently questioned piece of classical education is its use of Latin. Why do students in the Information Age need to study a subject as arcane as Latin? This language has been taught for centuries in all quality schools as an integral part of academic training until the 1940s. Like many traditions lost in the name of “progressive” education, the study of Latin has since been neglected and forgotten.

Our Latin program offers a unique opportunity for students to examine the nature of language itself, which will also increase their understanding of the English language. Additionally, research shows that students who study Latin have bigger English vocabularies, a greater ability to decode unfamiliar English words, a sensitivity to languages and a sense of classical history, as well as higher test scores and acceptance into good colleges and universities.

Below you will find a list of curriculum used in our Latin classes:

Grades 1-2: Song School Latin, Books One and Two
Grades 3-5: Latin for Children

Grades 6-12: Lingua Latina

Music (K-8th)

Our goal is for every student to have a fundamental grasp of music. Music instruction focuses on music theory, history, and production. These required classes are designed to provide basic experience in a variety of areas for all students, with the goal of helping them discover individual giftedness and enhancing their appreciation for the arts. Our music enrichment classes meet twice a week during the first semester and culminates in an Annual Christmas concert.  

At CCA we desire all of our students to have the ability to become familiar with reading music and playing beginner music. Towards this end, we offer before and after music classes.

This course is designed to prepare students for an intermediate level of basic worship band, commonly found in today’s modern worship service. The eventual goal of this class is to adequately prepare students to be able to lead worship on a semi-regular basis (once every 2 weeks) during CCA’s Wednesday Chapel.

This one-day-a-week course is intended for students who are completely new to playing guitar. It is not intended for students with previous experience. Students can expect to learn the basics to playing guitar. These concepts include: tuning, an introduction to reading music, basic fingerpicking, basic strumming patterns, introductory chords, chord voicing, and a small repertoire of worship music.

This one-day-a-week course is designed for students who are new to playing piano and is not intended for students with previous experience. Students can expect to learn a small repertoire of music that incorporates both hands, basic chord-reading ability, and basic worship piano technique. (Note: This class will not be focusing on reading music, as it incorporates the Simply Music Piano method. For more information about Simply Music Piano, see https://simplymusic.com.)

Our most popular and well-attended program, the annual Christmas Concert draws quite an audience! Performed at Calvary Chapel San Jose (CCSJ), the program is known for its excellence, song variety, and the traditional sounds of Christmas. Utilizing an assortment of instruments and vocal abilities, child and youth voices join together to create an evening full of Christmas joy.

The Spring Music Recital is a showcase of our students’ achievements through our before- and after-school music classes. This is a celebratory evening for students’ friends and family, as they see how the students have grown in their ability to glorify God through music.

At our annual Celebration of Learning, students come together for a night praising God for the “great things He hath done” at CCA. It is a night of recitations of poems, quotes, and songs.  Students join together giving glory to God for all He has done throughout the school year!

Art (K-5th)

Art is a integral part of classical education here at CCA. We not only teach our students art appreciation, but allow them to experiment with various art techniques, as well. Our art program focuses on helping students develop skills in the areas of drawing, painting, and three-dimensional art, while exposing them to classical artists and their masterpieces. 

Additionally, all of our teachers work diligently to integrate artistic projects within the history and literature curriculum.  This integration allows students to put into practice the skills and techniques they learn in art class.

Drama (6th-8th)

Our drama program is designed to train students in the art of Shakespearean language, as well as to build confidence and oratory skills that students will put to use in the rhetoric stage, particularly in the area of thesis defense.

Library (K-5th)

For more information about our Library class, please see The Armory.