Student Life

All children are shaped, heart soul and mind by their schooling experience.

Student Life

Class Theme Days

Our dedicated, experienced teachers at Calvary Christian Academy strive to make our curriculum come alive through Living Curriculum Days where students dress-up in character according to what they are studying in their history classes. Each activity enhances the student’s curricular experience. Traditions of learning at Calvary Christian Academy include:

  • Kindergarten- 100's Day
  • 1st Grade- Prairie Day
  • 2nd Grade- Egyptian Day
  • 3rd Grade- Greco/Roman Day
  • 4th Grade- Medieval Day
  • 5th Grade- Adventure Day
  • 6th Grade- Frontier Day
  • 7th/8th Grade- Medieval Day

Celebration of Learning

Calvary Christian Academy showcases their student’s talent through the “Celebration of Learning”. At this event, students in every grade has the opportunity to perform through song, chants, poetry, and scripture to a live audience of parents, relatives and friends. The Celebration of Learning is held at the end of the school year on the last day of school.

Dad’s Day

One way Fathers are honored at Calvary Christian Academy is on Dad’s Day. Fathers are invited to the school campus for lunch and organized sports with their children. If your child's  father can’t make it, grandfathers or uncles are more than welcome to attend.

Grandparent’s Day

Calvary Christian Academy loves to honor our grandparents on Grandparent’s Day. This is the day where grandparents are invited to K-8th, grandparents are welcomed by signs and refreshments, spend time in classrooms and are honored with special activities.

Important Dates

  • 9/13- Picture Day
  • 9/18- SWR Parent's Night
  • 9/21- Dad's Day
  • 10/9- NO SCHOOl- Teacher Inservice
  • 10/14- School Fundraiser
  • 10/20- End of Q1

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