What Parents and Ken Ham are Saying

What Parents and Ken Ham are Saying

"We are so thankful for this school and for such an amazing experience we've had so far! The quality teachers are very gifted and energetic. It is evident that they truly love what they do. My kids were previously at a larger Christian school and during their first week of school this year they came home every day telling me with excitement all the reasons why they love this school! My son even said, "It's fun to learn now!" We are looking forward to seeing God continue to bless this school!" ~The Zamora family

"The McAleavey family has been truly blessed to have our children at CCA. The school, the teachers, and the staff have been a true blessing to our family. Every morning when I drop off our children, I thank God that our boys get to attend this school. We are so happy that they are around true Christians every day. The school teaches God's word and practices it every day. Our children have learned so much about God's word. It is amazing what our children share with us every night. We feel the love that the school, the teachers, the staff, and the students have for our children. Also, the academics at CCA are truly exceptional! Our kindergartner is learning things at CCA that our oldest son learned in 2nd grade in the public school." -The McAleavey family

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